Your Design Jewelry

Your design is the piece of jewelery that you design yourself in collaboration with us, it is a personal piece of jewelery that there is only one of.
It is handmade by our jeweler in only one unique copy.
If you do not find exactly the piece of jewelery you want under our jewelery pages, we can make your own personally designed jewelery to order. It can be based on a special stone or pearl, which you either have yourself or find with us. Old gold can also be melted and recreated into a new and exciting design. With a personal dialogue, and with a focus on your wishes, we jointly find a bid for the perfect and unique piece of jewelery for just exactly you. It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits of what can be done with your design jewelry. The price of your design jewelry is always agreed before we start.

A personally designed piece of jewelry can also be made with a personal engraving.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

We know how important it is to make the right choice when you buy a wedding or engagement ring that will last the rest of your life. Therefore, you can help us design every little detail on your wedding rings. Then you go with the desire for an engagement ring, or wedding ring with a completely personal detail, or just the dream that you have designed your wedding rings yourself. So contact us and tell us about your dreams, and together we will find the perfect piece of jewelery at a good price.

Contact U.S , if you are interested in your own personal design. See evt. any of our personally designed jewelry on our Instagram.

Your design jewelry

If you are getting married or just dreaming of a personal piece of jewelery, do not hesitate to write to me in the form below or call me on tel: 40 51 96 18 .