Jewelry care is important for the life of your jewelry. A piece of jewelry from DECÓRO DENMARK is an investment in beautiful craftsmanship and a unique design. In our workshop, we create exclusive jewelery that will be able to follow you throughout life – and which can be passed down from generation to generation if the jewelery is properly cared for.

We hope you will make an extra effort to take good care of your jewelry. Good jewelry care will help maintain the original luster of the jewelry for a long time, and may delay future repair and restoration.



We recommend that you never sleep with your jewelry on. Physically demanding tasks can wear unnecessarily on a piece of jewelery, and we therefore recommend that you always remove the jewelery before gardening, cleaning, swimming, bathing and sports activities.

Avoid blows and shocks that can damage gemstones and make marks on surfaces. They should not come into direct contact with hard or rough objects that could cause damage to the metal – including, for example, other jewelry, golf clubs, railings, garden tools, or tools. If you wear rings on both hands, they can get violent scratches and blows when you clap, if you do not pay attention.

Store your jewelery in a safe place, eg in the original jewelery box or in an airtight bag. Only store one piece of jewelery in each box / bag so that they are not scratched by other jewelery. Necklaces and chains should be closed and laid flat, hung or wrapped around a soft element to ensure that they do not filter the same. Store your jewelry in the dark so that they are not exposed to sunlight.

Smykker med brillanter, ædelsten eller perler bør efterses en gang imellem, alt afhængig af hvor hyppigt smykkerne er i brug. Det kan være svært at se med det blotte øje, men smykkerne kan have været udsat for slag eller slitage, der kan udgøre en risiko for løse sten.



We recommend that you regularly clean gold jewelry without gemstones with jewelry care agent without abrasive. Smykket bliver på den måde nænsomt renset uden risiko for skade.



Rings are more exposed than other jewelry. The hands are in close contact with many hard objects during a day, and therefore the part of the ring that faces the palm will be more exposed to wear than the rest of the ring. If the ring gets deep scratches, jewelery care at home is not enough, but it is recommended to be sent to a jeweler who can take a closer look at what can be done for the ring.
If you have a ring with deep scratches, contact us here and we will talk about his jewelery.


Mattering is a very fine surface treatment that makes gold and silver appear silky matt. In daily use, matte gold and silver will wear and the surface will be smoother and shiny in exposed areas.

At DECÓRO DENMARK, we can always refresh your matted jewelery so that it gets its beautiful silk matt surface again.


Beat gold and silver is a forged surface where the jeweler hammers small indentations in an arbitrary pattern. In daily use, beaten gold and silver will wear and the surface will become smoother and shiny over time.

At DECÓRO DENMARK, we can always freshen up your banquet jewelery so that it gets its beautiful banquet surface again. Kotakt os .


Oxidation is a surface treatment that makes the silver appear with a gray-black look. During daily use, the oxidation will disappear over time on shiny surfaces – grooves and depressions are better protected.

Oxidized silver jewelry should not be exposed to jewelry care products as it will ruin the oxidation. An oxidized surface should only be cleaned with lukewarm water.

At DECÓRO DENMARK, we can always refresh your oxidized jewelery so that it gets its beautiful black surface again.



At DECÓRO DENMARK, we always gild with 18 carat gold.

If you have bought a piece of jewelery in gold-plated silver, you need to pay extra attention to the jewelery. Since gilding is just a surface, it wears away with time. If you use your jewelry a lot, it wears faster. Finger rings usually last a shorter time on the color. We always recommend taking off your gold-plated jewelery for sports, government, bathing, and other activities where there is a risk of great wear and tear on the jewelery.

At DECÓRO DENMARK, we can always refresh your gold-plated jewelery so that it gets its gold surface again.


Silver tarnishes and becomes dark or stained over time, but with simple precautions and with the right care, your jewelry can stay beautiful longer.


Store your jewelry in an airtight bag so you delay the natural oxidation of the silver.

Store only 1 piece of jewelery in each bag so that the jewelery is not scratched by other jewelery.

Store your jewelry in the dark so that they are not exposed to sunlight.

Avoid getting your jewelry in contact with chemicals such as cleaning products, hair products, soap, cream, perfume and much more.

Take off your jewelry when you sleep, bathe, play sports or other activity where you sweat. The body can excrete acid through the skin which causes jewelry to tarnish and become dark. How much acid we secrete differs from person to person but some experience that jewelry arrives faster than others.

Silver is a soft metal that can be twisted out of shape – so be careful when handling your jewelry. It also means that e.g. eyelets used to mount locks in bracelets or necklaces can open when loaded.

Jewelry you wear daily gets worn and dirty just like your clothes. Therefore, jewelry care is important and jewelry must be cleaned and maintained, however, does not apply to oxidized jewelry and gold-plated jewelry, cleaning of oxidized or gold-plated jewelry can cause the surface to disappear and become silver-colored. So we recommend getting them cleaned professionally.


Jewelry is best cleaned with a mild soap solution e.g. dishwashing liquid. The water should be warm but not boiling. Use a cloth or soft toothbrush to remove dirt and grime, and then rinse in lukewarm water. If there is soap residue left, it takes on the shine, so it is important to be thorough. Wipe the jewelry with a cleaning cloth and let it dry completely before putting it in place.

NOTE not all stones and pearls can withstand soap.

You can also purify silver with salt, tinfoil and boiling water.

– Put a piece of tinfoil in a bowl together with a tablespoon of salt and your silver jewelry.

– Pour boiling water into the bowl and let it stand until the water is cool.

– The jewelry is now free of oxidation, but it is matte. Therefore, it should be polished with a soft cloth at the end.

NOTE not all stones and pearls can withstand boiling water.

You can also buy jewelery in the supermarket or at the jeweler, and follow the instructions for use.

However, we would definitely recommend that you get your jewelry cleaned and refreshed professionally by a real jeweler from time to time. Contact us here.