Unica is a jewelry of which there only exists one. They are handmade jewelry by a goldsmith, of which only one unique example exists.

By Decóro we make Unica jewelry on demand. Maybe you have some special gem or pearl that has a special  meaning, or you may find one in our store. Maybe you have an idea of a special kind of jewelry on your mind with a special personal touch. Even if you don’t have an idea yourself, but you would like a personalized jewelry, write to us and we can together create your new piece of jewelry; perfect for you and only you. Let us know and we can help you make it a realization.

We offer a personal meet-up with our customers with focus on your wishes. Together we will work towards  making your new personal perfect jewelry. Should you wish  to make wedding rings, decide the carats of the gold, or even reuse some old gold you have of your own, we can do that too.

The price of the jewelry will be discussed pre-making it, which means the price will remain the same and there will be no increase in the price post production.

personligt design Guld sølv ring